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About Bold&Grit Team

About Bold&Grit Team

Sports are our passion, and we’re here to help your athletes every step of the way to the finish line.
We design the highest quality custom sportswear for professional and amature athletes alike, so you can reach your athletic goals – and represent your team loudly and proudly while doing it.
We design the highest quality custom sportswear for professional and amature athletes alike, so you can reach your athletic goals – and represent your team loudly and proudly while doing it.
Bold&grit team

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What is Bold&Grit Team?

Bold&Grit is a team of experts in the design and manufacturing of top quality garments for sports of all kinds.

We believe “Bold&Grit” is the essence of what it means to be an athlete.

We are “Bold” because we admire the courage in all athletes to take on new challenges every single day.

We are “Grit” because we are enamoured by the perseverance required to achieve excellence in athletics.

Bold and grit team
Bold and grit team

Why choose Bold&Grit Team?

As an athlete, Bold&Grit is a space designed precisely with you in mind. We love nothing more than to see the discipline, passion, and strength in your eyes – and support it.

We want your athletes to be the very best versions of themselves in each and every practice and competition. We are here to support your team members in all their athletic endeavors though comfortable, breathable, adaptable, and resilient custom clothing.

The quality of our custom clothing is unbeatable

Each and every one of our fabrics is carefully chosen for high-performance athletics by experts in the field of clothing design. This way, we ensure that the fabrics are flexible, soft, quick drying, breathable, UV protective, and more – so they always help and never hinder your movements.

Our garments feature four-way stretch, compression, and antibacterial/antimicrobial properties to keep you safe. Whenever possible, we keep our process eco-friendly, and we always ensure that your garments are durable enough to handle your hardest workouts – day in and day out.

Bold and grit team

We personalize every garment through direct communication with one of our sales advisors who work closely with our design department and yourself.

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Bold and grit team

Choose Bold&Grit for custom team clothing you can trust

Bold&Grit offers free set-ups on your custom team apparel orders, including at least five free initial design concepts for you to choose from. This ensures that you are happy with your custom garments before you ever need to pay.

We only choose suppliers of the highest international standards and certifications, including:

★ Lafayette Sports Technologies – Lafayette Sports
★ Protela – Sports
★ Technologies | SARAXY

Our certified workshops use the latest manufacturing processes and the highest quality materials to create garments that meet, and even exceed, your vision.

Bold&Grit - it’s more than just a garment

The comfort of each athlete, and the satisfaction of our customers are of the greatest importance to us.

When we commit to designing your custom team apparel, we’re creating more than just clothing for you. Our sales consultants and design team will work closely together with you to design and develop each project – to take your vision, and transform it into a reality. A reality that will help your athletes reach their goals.

Bold and grit team
Bold and grit team



Get started on your custom team apparel order today

Bold&Grit offers custom sportswear of all kinds, from custom gymnastics leotards to * and custom team warm-ups to even custom face masks to keep you safe while you work hard at the sports you love. Contact our sales advisors today to see what our experts can do for your team.

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